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Develop custom apps and integrations without re-inventing the wheel or, pick any from the library

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What is Fluidspace?

Plug & Play

Connect the dots

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Add ready-made apps and integration from the module library.

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Cohesively connect data from all sources.

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Develop custom modules using our framework.

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Develop Apps

Translate your ideas to apps rapidly

Use our super charged framework to rapidly create apps without worrying about authentication, role management, web sockets, validation, database and more!

Develop using:

Vue JS
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Develop Integrations

Bring the ouside world inside

Build and connect custom UI for 3rd Party data sources using the native REST API handler with support for OAuth2 and multi-account login.

Tested but not limited to:

Microsoft (Graph API) Google APIs Google Cloud Platform APIs OpenAI REST API
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Batteries Included

Real-time Sync

Integrated Chat

Role-based Access Control

SSO Support

SSO Illustration shoing Google, Microsoft, GitHub and OAuth2.

Connect any REST API

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Apps Ready to Brew


Project management made better!

  • Managing projects has never been easier, now visualise in table or tree view.
  • Group the tasks and nest them as much as your project demands!
  • Everything can be linked - Users, Clients, Expenses, Budget and you know the list.

Track your finances, especially expenses.

  • Link expense to projects directly.
  • Organise expenses using custom tags.
  • Analyse weekly, monthly, yearly expense (Coming Soon)
Clients Book

All your client information at one place

  • Record client information.
  • Track client's projects and payments (Coming Soon).
  • Simple to use CRM, keep growing your client list, abundantly!
Sticky Notes

Keep it simple, and pin it!

  • Whatever is on your mind, stick it on the board!
  • Simple and quick way to pin short notes, reminders and messages.
  • Let the spontaneity flow...

Hassle-free plain text notes

  • Note meeting points, projects ideas, client briefs, research work or anything.
  • Synchronised everywhere and Shareable to your team.

Embed and share web pages

  • Any web page that supports embedding can be added using its URL or embed HTML.
  • Easily manage multiple embeds like a mini-browser.
  • Embeds visible to everyone in the Space.
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