Frequently Asked Questions

Fluidspace for TLDR 🏃

✅ It is a modular web environment for custom-made internal tools for businesses and developers.

🚀 Businesses and other users can quickly Plug N Play these tools/modules as per their needs without worrying about tech-debt, compatibility, data relationship, database storage, etc.

🧑‍💻 Developers can rapidly develop without any learning-curve on top of the provided Auth, Role-based access control (RBAC), Real-time events, Multi-tenancy, Data bucketing and REST API based integration support.

What are the terminologies?

For a technical answer, check out Fluidspace GitHub

  • Space
    It the workspace where you can add pages, modules (apps or integrations) and users. You can invite users, assign roles and control access through the role-based access control system.

  • Page
    Each page is like a blank canvas, you can add one or more modules. Page layout is customisable, and modules can be resized and repositioned using the Edit Layout button.
    One page can have only one copy of the same module. However, you can have same module in more than one page.

  • Dataset
    It is the collection of all your data of all the modules that use it, and can be accessed across multiple spaces in your subscription.
    In most use cases, one dataset is sufficient which all the modules can use.
    Dataset allows sharing of data among other spaces in your subscription, and also simplifies data backup and deletion.

  • Module
    Each module is a functional tool and can be added to the page from the Module Library in Settings > Pages.
    Module is of two type: App and Integration.
    All the app type module store data on our servers.
    All the integration type module bring 3rd party tools/features to Fluidspace, and your data resides on the 3rd party server.

There are some features I really want, where should I ask?

We are awaiting your suggestions and feedback. Please reach us at [email protected]
or join our Discord Server.

I am a developer, how can I create modules (apps/integrations) for Fluidspace?

Check out Fluidspace GitHub for module development kit and guide.

We are an enterprise, how can Fluidspace provide us custom solutions?

Please reach us at [email protected] for tailor-made Fluidspace to satisfy your scale, needs and privacy.

How to delete dataset?

Datasets are sensistive in nature and can result in permanent data loss hence, the feature is currently disabled for end-users.
For permanent deletion of dataset and its associated data please email us at [email protected]